Bungalow Boutique

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Fall!!

The leaves are turning beautiful colors, the corn stalks have been cut down, and the last of the tomatoes are going to be picked before Jack Frost takes them away. I really can't believe how fast the last few months have flown by. I have been so busy getting things made and taking the trek to Heber City to put in the Boutique. I feel so blessed to have found this boutique. I have met some wonderful people and have flourished in the development of my crafts and sewing. I finally feel that I am doing what I love. I have always been told that if you love what you do, it isn't work. Dave and I have also decided to take a huge leap of faith and stop running the rat trap cycle and start living! Life flies by too quickly to let it get away from us. It isn't always fun to make big changes but we feel that together we are strong enough to stand the changes of time and spend the next 50+ years enjoying each other and the life we have built. We love and cherish our family and our ever growing family. The success of our children in the choices they have made with their lives continues to amaze us both. We have been truly blessed with wonderful children and wonderful children-in-law. Our grandchildren are so fantastic, each new little soul that comes to our family just adds to the beauty of our family tree. We love all eight of the sweet children that have been blessed to our children and look forward to more. What a wonderful life!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello to all my friends out there. What a great day today. I got home from a mini vacation down in Texas with Wes, Faith and the kids. I couldn't believe how wonderful both the kids were on the airplane ride down to Killeen. I think I have some very special grandkids, all 7 of them. We went down to San Antonio and stayed in a condo there. We played Gator Golf and Rylan made a friend. They are going to be pen pals, it was really neat that he met this other little boy and they instantly became friends. My sweet little Addi had so much fun playing minature golf, she just rolled her golf ball around until it got in the hole. She is such a goofy little girl. On my birthday, I got to spend the day with Wes while Faith was at work and the kids in school. We went out to lunch, both of us had pedicures, saw a movie and just had fun hanging out. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

Now I am back home and back to the rat race. Dave did some canning while I was gone. He is getting really good at that. He is probably going to be doing all the canning this year because I have to sew, crochet, glue, cut, and come up with some neat new things for the Boutique. I sure do enjoy what I am doing right now. I did put in for the early retirement from my job at Hill AFB. I doubt that I will get it because there are so many people that also put in for it but, it is worth the try. I just can't handle two full time jobs. I feel like my brain is going to explode some times just trying to stay on top of everything. Well, better go, I have about 5 skirts and dresses I need to make before Saturday. Then Dave and I will drive down there to restock the store.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arrived in Texas on the 20th of August. We had such a great time with Rylan and Addi during their visit in Utah. They were awsome the whole time. I want to make this an annual event as long as we live so far away from them. I loved having the grandkids come and stay for a few weeks. Now that I am in Texas, we are heading to San Antonio for a couple of days. We will be trying out all the activities that are free or close to it and just relaxing before the kids go back to school on Monday. Will report later on our activities.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The bath cupcakes turned out beautiful! They almost look too good to throw into the bath tub. My grandkids had so much fun watching me and wishing there were real chocolate cupcakes. Pic's tomorrow.
I am in the process of making some adorable "Bath Cupcakes". They are going to be soooo cute. I will post a picture after I get the frosting on them, probably tomorrow. I also promised my grandkids that I would make them some special soap to take home with little prizes imbedded in the soap, who knows, maybe they will take more baths to get to the prize!

Monday, August 16, 2010

These are pictures that where taken by Dave when I was setting up Grandma Bert's Treasures at the Bungalow Boutique.

Grandma Bert's Treasures

Grandma Bert's Treasures

To all my friends and followers, the Bungalow Boutique is open for business. This is a special Boutique that I am a part of and really excited about this new business venture. All my friends and family know my love of crafts, sewing, cooking, scrapbooking, and just about anything creative. I have always loved making and learning new things. When I was about 6 or 7 years old I started making clothes for my Barbie dolls and making doll furniture out of just about anything I could find. As I got a little older, I learned how to embrodery, crochet and knit. My parents were always buying me craft kits and supplies to keep my "crafty" brain working. When I got into Jr. High School, Home Economics was my favorite subjets. Between Home Ec. and my mom and dad, they taught me how to cook and experiment with food. In High School, I have a fantastic Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Hill and a student teacher, Mrs. Barber that took me under their wing and really got my creativeness going. As a Senior in High School, Mrs. Barber nominated me for the "Betty Crocker" Home Economics award and I won!

After High School, I worked at the old Farmington Drug Store and really learned how to cook from a wonderful lady, Lucille Trujillo. She used to always tell me that "You still have to learn what I already forgot!". She was the main cook at the little old fashioned lunch counter/soda fountain and taught me everything she knew about cooking real down-home type foods. I eventually took over making the bakery goodies for the store while I worked there.

When I got married and started having babies, I started making them blankets, crocheted burp cloths, and all kinds of little baby things. As they got a little older, I made them stuffed animals and other kinds of toys. During the time my kids were growing up, we were in the Air Force and moved quite a bit so I started making things for different Craft Shows in the places we lived just to bring in a little extra money. I also always tried to make some type of homemade craft item for Christmas gifts for family and friends. In the back of my mind, I always dreamed of having a shop with the items that I made for sell.

On the 11th of February, 2002, Grandma Bert came into being! My first grandson was born, making me officially Grandma Bert. All my grandchildren have many quilts, blankets, burp cloths and clothes made by their Grandma Bert. As the granddaughters started coming along, I was in heaven making them all kinds of frilly, twirly dresses and skirts. I have also made them all stuffed animals and many other hand-made items. It always makes me so happy when I hear them tell me "Thank-you" and then give me a big hug for something that I have made for them.

I am now in business at the Bungalow Boutique, 340 South Main Street, Heber City, Utah. The shop opened today, August 16th, 2010. I am thrilled to be a part of this. I will start posting pictures of the items that I have for sale in the shop and a little more information about the items. Please keep an eye out for future posts and updates. The fun is just beginning!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check out PaddiCakes all you new mothers out there. They have great stuff for new babies and for all the aunts and grandma's, they have great shower and new baby gifts! Paddicakes.blogspot.com

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be sure to click on the Melissa Stuff button on my blog. She has the funnest giveaways. I just entered another one of her giveaways, the Simple Block Sayings. I sure hope that I win!
Be sure you check out all the great giveaways at Melissa Stuff. I have her button on my blog. Right now she has a giveaway for a darling Bath Luve. You have got to check them out, they are darling.
I just have to tell you all that I am loving all these money saving sites. They have great coupon deals and tell you where to find the best bargins. Also, it seems like I win at least one giveaway a weel. My last win was some homemade soap (see my last blog). It is so much fun to get all these great ideas and then win some free stuff along the way!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Giveaway

I found another great giveaway. It is on "The Simple Things" http://www.wishnonstars.com and the giveaway if for some great homemade soap. The soap can be found on CCrafters http://www.etsy.com/shop/CCrafters. The soap sounds so yummy and looks divine. You all know how hard it is for me to brag up someone else's homemade soap because of my own homemade soap business but this is the real homemade stuff while I am only at the melt and pour stage. I will be trying this soap out and then will be learning how to make the "real" stuff myself. Be sure to check out this giveaway, it ends on the 25th of July!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Found Savings

I just have to brag about my big find today...I went over to Fresh Market in Centerville and they had a big display of 2 Ltr. Dr. Pepper with a sign that said $.69 each. Then they had $.55 coupons for 1 2 Ltr. bottle. I filled my cart with these, not because I drink Dr. Pepper but because my kids love it. I figured at $.14 a bottle it was a steal. When I got to the register they were ringing up at $1.25 each. I asked the cashier about the price and told him that the sign said they were $ .69 each. He told me that was after the $ .55 coupon. I'm a bit of a math nerd and told him that $ .55 off of $1.25 was not $ .69 and that the sign just said they were .69 each. He went over and checked the sign and sure enough, I was right. They had to give me the whole cart load for what ended up being $ .14 a bottle. So for less than $2.00 I got enough Dr. Pepper to keep my kids happy for a long time! Also, they had the Western Family 2lb blocks of cheese for $3.99 so that came out to $1.99 a pound! Got to love those little unadvertised bargins!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You need to check out "Stash Mama" on her blog. She has some great giveaways and a lot of fun stuff on her blog. Check it out for yourself. StashMama.blogspot.com


I won the diaper bag combo that I wrote about in my last blog!! What a great surprise. I am on my way to free giftgiving!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am getting into couponing big time. Tomorrow I will mail in for $106.00 in rebates. My goal is to try to pay for Christmas 2010 by winning giveaways and using rebate money to pay for things. Everyone help me to keep me in line on this. It is a noble goal, hope I can make it!
Check out the Diaper Bag set giveaway on www.babasfarmlife.com/2010/07/diaper-bag-bundle-giveaway.html it is an awesome deal for any expecting parent or for a gift to someone you love that is having a baby. I hope I win the contest because I know that Tiffany could use this. She is moving into her new house this week and we hope it doesn't put her into preterm labor. We want this little guy to stay put until after September 10th!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

St. George Vacation

We are getting ready to leave and head back home from our vacation to St. George with Zack and Jasmine. Jon and Marie went to Maui and we took the kids with us to St. George. We have had tons of fun, swimming, hiking, and relaxing. The kids have been great. We went to the Grand Canyon yesterday. It is now time to head home. :(

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Check out the giveaway from My Secret Pantry. They are givingaway a Curious Chef Basic set. Be sure to enter to try to win this set. I would love to have this set for when the grandkids are over and we want to bake. You all know what a cooking freak I am and how much I love all my gadgets!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Check out Tight Wad in Utah, if you love saving money, you will love this site!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emergency Prepardness

It is that time of the year again. Time to start canning and getting the food storage built up for the winter. Check out the two links on my blog spot. The Food Storage Analyzer is awsome, it really opened my eyes to what things I need to focus on this year and will help with our planning over the next few months. Emergency Essentials has lots of good food and great ideas to add variety to our food storage and a plan to get a little here and there so it isn't a huge financial burden all at once. Be sure to check them out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our new family member, Rocky.

One year later!

Here it is one year later and we are off on a new adventure. We leave in about 7 hours for our first cruise! Dave and I will fly to Seattle, Washington and meet up with one of my dearest friends, Val. It has been 12 years since I last saw her. We have been friends for about 30 years when we lived back in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the start of our Military career.

Anway, our cruise is to Alaska and I will try to post every day and add some pictures. Love to all my family. I hope to be able to send postcards to everyone while I am gone.