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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello to all my friends out there. What a great day today. I got home from a mini vacation down in Texas with Wes, Faith and the kids. I couldn't believe how wonderful both the kids were on the airplane ride down to Killeen. I think I have some very special grandkids, all 7 of them. We went down to San Antonio and stayed in a condo there. We played Gator Golf and Rylan made a friend. They are going to be pen pals, it was really neat that he met this other little boy and they instantly became friends. My sweet little Addi had so much fun playing minature golf, she just rolled her golf ball around until it got in the hole. She is such a goofy little girl. On my birthday, I got to spend the day with Wes while Faith was at work and the kids in school. We went out to lunch, both of us had pedicures, saw a movie and just had fun hanging out. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

Now I am back home and back to the rat race. Dave did some canning while I was gone. He is getting really good at that. He is probably going to be doing all the canning this year because I have to sew, crochet, glue, cut, and come up with some neat new things for the Boutique. I sure do enjoy what I am doing right now. I did put in for the early retirement from my job at Hill AFB. I doubt that I will get it because there are so many people that also put in for it but, it is worth the try. I just can't handle two full time jobs. I feel like my brain is going to explode some times just trying to stay on top of everything. Well, better go, I have about 5 skirts and dresses I need to make before Saturday. Then Dave and I will drive down there to restock the store.

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