Bungalow Boutique

Monday, January 26, 2009

I got back home to Utah Sunday evening, it was a great trip down to Texas. I was able to see Wes get home from Iraq safely. One down, one more safe return to go. Jon should be getting home at the end of February. Dave and I will be going to St. George over Valentines weekend for our 32nd anniversary. It will be nice to get down to Southern Utah in the sunshine. When I got off the plane from Texas, it was lightly snowing. By Monday morning, it was a blizzard and I was welcomed by a huge pile of snow. That is what winter brings in Utah!


  1. Good to see you have a blog! I look forward to "blog stalking" you regularly. ha ha. You really do have the cutest grand-kids! Send me your email address so I can add you to my private blog!!! mindy711@hotmail.com

  2. wait, you were in texas? where in texas? i'm just outside of dallas! let me know next time you're here...and bring tiff and her kids with you too. ha ha.