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Friday, May 15, 2009

Today is Friday, the 15th of May. We went to monument valley today. It was so beautiful. I was trying to figure out names for the different monuments that we saw. One of them I named the "Three Sisters" and then when we got out there, that was the official name. I also saw one that looked like someone doing the "Peace" sign. Then when we got around to the side of it, it looked like three fingers making a "W". Someof the different monuments looked like a bunch of people standing close together. It was a great day. Tomorrow we will be going on the river trip. I am looking forward to that.

We have also been buying some silver jewelry. I will probably be wearing lots of it from now on. I did get one bracelet that has juniper seeds on it. The Navajo say that if you wear it all the time it will keep the bad spirits, or bad dreams, away.

Well, I better go for tonight. I am still trying to catch a lizard! I have seen quite a few lizards but they have all been too fast for me. I am still trying. Mr. 'T' needs a friend!


  1. I am so glad that you had such an amazing time! That was such a great service you did. I am sure glad you are home! Now have fun in TX my friend!

  2. i tried calling tiff while ya'll were supposed to be in tx - and her phone was not in service! hope ya'll have a good trip~!

  3. Just stopping bye to tell you that you make the best zucchini bread and awesome carrot cake! You are the best! Thank you soooo much!